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Hardwick Caldwell Charleston

Business & Entrepreneurship

About Hardwick Caldwell

Hardwick Caldwell of Charleston, South Carolina is a business and financial professional with close to 10 years in both fields.  Although Hardwick has a passion for many areas of finance, his business is his true passion and brings him the most joy. Hardwick is one of the founders of Gambit Stone, a filmmaking production company that specializes in outdoor footage. In 2011, Gambit Stone released The Waters of Greenstone: The Long Way Home, which was filmed in New Zealand. This film was shown in US and Canadian theaters as part of the 2011 Fly-Fishing Film Tour, was shown on Outside Television, and was also sold in US stores. Hardwick hopes to release more films in the future, and he looks forward to taking the time to put together more great footage.

Hardwick Caldwell is an outdoor enthusiast at heart. He spends much of his free time in the outdoors, partaking in many outdoor sports and activities. One of his favorite sports is fly-fishing, and Hardwick is so passionate about it that he has worked as a fly-fishing guide in Montana and Italy. Throughout his time fly-fishing, he has caught trout, salmon, marlin, bonefish, tiger fish, tarpon, and redfish. He has also fished on several continents and many countries, including Russia, Norway, and Costa Rica. Due to his years of fishing experience, Hardwick would consider himself knowledgeable, and he enjoys giving fishing advice to new anglers.

Hardwick Caldwell is not only a fisher, though. He has also had some amazing adventures hiking and alpine climbing. His favorite hiking paths are Francis Marion in Charleston, as well as the Appalachian Trail. Some of the places he has climbed include Mt. Aspiring in New Zealand and Sharks Tooth Peak in Wyoming. Hardwick hopes to climb greater heights in the future and perhaps conquer major summits like Mt. Everest one day.

Aside from his outdoor activities, Hardwick is also a frequent traveler. He has visited all continents except Antarctica, although he hopes to travel there one day. He is also a sports fan, rooting for the Tennessee Titans and the Atlanta Braves, and he also likes to play a round of golf from time to time. Hardwick Caldwell went to school for art history, and he has a fascination with art from several periods, but particularly the early and late Italian Renaissance. In addition, Hardwick maintains several other hobbies, such as reading nonfiction books, volunteering with several philanthropic organizations, and training his dogs to hunt.

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