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Every business needs customers to succeed; without them, you’ll sooner sink than find success in the world. While having customers is all well and good, however, having loyal customers that return to your shop is even more valuable—and not just from a monetary standpoint. With loyal customers, you also:


  • Save on marketing costs, since you already know how to stay in contact with repeat customers.
  • Sell new products easier, as repeat customers are more likely to try other products than those they came to your business for.
  • Get free advertising through word-of-mouth, since loyal customers act as brand advocates through recommending other people to your business. 


In order to receive these benefits in the first place, you need to strategize your marketing tactics to draw potential repeat customers to your business in the first place. How does someone go about doing that?


Special offers


Coupons are a tried and true way to not only reel people into your business, but keep them coming back as well. Whether it be through regular mail, email, text messages, or social media, giving people the chance to save money on your products is bound to pique their interest. To keep them coming back, emphasize that certain coupons are only for people who receive them in the first place, and make sure your offers are relevant to their needs.


Customer Loyalty Programs


Another tactic that many businesses use is the creation of a customer loyalty program. This program should be unique to your own business and distinctive from the others someone might be part of, making it stand out from the rest. 


Those who are a part of the program can be rewarded with larger products if they collect enough store points or donate their store points to charity. Give them many ways to collect loyalty points: spending a certain amount of money, referring new customers, getting them as a gift for a holiday or birthday, and so on.




You’ll never know whether or not you’re doing well if you don’t get feedback, and what better way to get feedback than to ask your customers how you’re doing? By doing this, you can learn how to better your business model for your customer base, and it’s a way to show your customers that you care about their opinions.