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The pandemic has countless aspects of workplace culture that is hard to maintain, forcing companies to innovate, and employee appreciation events are no different. While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of things that need tweaking amidst the remote work revolution, employee appreciation events are crucial to morale. Whether we work at an office or from home, we all need to feel appreciated and like we matter to our company – and these tips can help you achieve that feeling remotely.

  1. Give Gifts

The easiest way to make employees feel like you care while working remotely is to give them a gift. After all, gift baskets were certainly a thing before the pandemic hit, and they’re by far one of the most easily adaptable things about office work culture in the age of remote work. Simply choose from among the countless gift basket options out there and have it delivered to your employee’s home. Popular gift basket ideas include tea, coffee, chocolates, fruit baskets, perfume, and mixtures offering several of these in one package.

  1. Home Office Rewards

With employees spending so much time working from home, a home office can start to feel dull and uninspiring. By rewarding good work with items or money for employees to use in decorating their home office, you help them personalize their workplace, thus helping to keep their morale up.

  1. Family-Friendly Gifts

If you have colleagues with families, giving gifts that their whole family can enjoy might be a good move. In the past, this might’ve meant a trip to Disneyland; today, it can mean a subscription to Disney+.

  1. Remote Meetings

We’ve all certainly had our share of Zoom meetings during the pandemic. Still, instead of meeting for something work-related, scheduling meetings where employees hang out as friends can be a good way of maintaining team unity in these difficult times.

These tips can help show your employees that, even though times are tough, you’re all still a team, and you really do appreciate the work they put in under these extraordinary circumstances.